The Dream

What if you wake up in the morning on a bed lying on green grass and the roof of which is sky itself.Imagine fresh breeze is touching your cheeks.The lips may feel icy while the eyelids open all of a sudden and you can see dancing clouds moving through the sky from one point to another circle around and take turns like rock stars right after the party. The sun is soon going to appear and you have just a little time to witness this beautiful view.You are awake but purposely sluggish to move away from this charming view.The mesmerizing noise of leaves crawling and trees shackling blushed by fresh breeze.Its amazingly gorgeous. 


The Impact

And then you witness the first drop of rain travels through heaven,comes down and hit your cheek right below the eyeball.Oh wonderful nature what a beautiful scenery.It touches the heart and signals the brain that something really pretty and awesome is on its way from heaven towards you. From the depth of the ocean towards the sky and from heights of glory it pours down right at you. Then it starts briskly slower and comes on heavy. You are there right there didn’t move an inch since it started.Enjoying every second of it.Its extraordinarily beautiful.


The Moment

Of course if I were caught up in a lovely moment like this ,I would dream it to stay forever.There are many moments in your life where things are unlikely to be tacky but moments like this where nature is blessing the site with heavenly attitude. Its inexplicable.The moment is priceless as the rain drops are slowly falling on you ,around you and near you almost everywhere. The beautiful sky is witnessing the charming scene along with all the angels from heaven. Oh God its beautiful.


The Related Truth

The relationship of such mornings in our lives is so powerful and in tact that they don’t go away from your memory that soon. Fresher thoughts of glory always come and rejoice your life no matter how sad and down you are.This world indeed is so cruel ,sometimes you face problems in your life which are irrelevant and apparently you don’t have any connection to such sorrows which come in your way and ruin your peace.But whenever your fate ,good or bad hits you with boredom ,God sends you mornings like this to remember that no matter what happens in life , no matter how big are the problems they are not bigger than the blessings of Almighty. So be gentle ,be good to others and pray that such mornings become habitual in your life and to lives of us all the people on this planet. Every human on this planet is beautiful and deserve such blessings all the way from heaven.



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