Taking up on  top , the only prodigy existed
Wrap folded the essence of the bright ocean
The magnet of my eye balls that fragrant one
Lifted up dreams to path of naughty notions
Memories  haunt me still carrying rainbows
Rain drops falling free just bent off the potion
Eye lashes obliging glories of her beauty 
The penchants that possessed passion 
Jammed up all the puzzles back then 
Her cheeks turned colors into emotions
Gestures, moods and moves followed 
Driven parallel encouraging affections 
More precious than diamonds and rubies 
She was my inspiration ,my competition 
Inaudibly wanted her to win eventually 
I deemed her love and compassion 
Craving crazy desires fallen from heaven
Purely presumed as a worthy devotion 

 So please pardon me if I never told you
You’re my favorite, the beauty in motion

Written by Rana M
© 2005-2018  Rana M  All Rights Reserved

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