Oh sweet December, remember what heaven brought us 
An angel emerged and delivered to us, on my doorsteps 
her presence indeed, applaud, cherished and celebrated 
The essence from heaven, walked in fairy’s footsteps

Still remember the moment, the first time I met her
On 19th December, Utaybah came to me quietly
Wrapped in snowy bright, shiny delicate blanket 
Eyes closed, she revolutionized my life completely
I flew above clouds, over meadows & mountains
Plunged into another world of excitement, suddenly
Fresh as the morning glory, pure as the life itself
I heard gossips of angels, discussing her beauty 

Having her scent more precious than lilies & roses 
I stared at her, shy but with utmost exuberance 
As soon as I kissed her forehead, she held my hand 
And whispered, Oh dear father, I feel your presence

Pretty vigilant but fairly mild smile on her cute face 
Mesmerized my soul, in purely and heavenly way
I mumbled, welcome ! Utaybah, my sweet daughter
Beautify my world, enlighten my soul and “Stay”


Written by Rana M
© 2005-2018 Rana M  All Rights Reserved

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