Sinking emotions into the deepest depth of passion
Turning desires into delights in a conceptual fashion

Indeed the quality of love is inevitably borderless
Incredibly powerful and extraordinarily fearless

The warmth of her lips is melting down my emotions
Seducing my heart uplifting my romantic notions

The enticing friction of the surface of her skin
Gleaming my soul by bringing charms from within

Ravishing beauty with no blemish on her body at all
She’s the pursuit of passion, a beguiling fireball

© Rana M All Rights Reserved


One thought

  1. Who would play with fire…only who is mad in love and blinded by it.

    What is the fire….warm lips, skin like pure silk and beauty without any imperfection… description of a body or fire….known by the one of the two

    Beautifully hot

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