A hypothetical question everyone wonders to ask whether during a relationship or sneaking up to someone’s else’s, yet hardly anyone could really describe whether the person you are in a relationship with is your lover or your partner? 

Some people jump up to conclusions by evolving tragedies and traumas to be the judge what and when to tell someone she’s your partner or a lover. The words used in this process are always disturbed as their meanings are manipulated by the lover or a partner or by yourself just to reach where you want to reach. Truth or a lie decides where your thoughts are going to flow and what really you are going to get out of that relationship. But whatever the goal is you must know what you are and who your lover really is and how she’s going to become your partner.

The lover or the partner both are names of a person whom you can love unconditionally and who loves from the bottom of her heart. A person who gives you no excuses whatsoever and stands by you on your side no matter what happens.

Know your partner and love her so much that you no longer diffuse your mind to wonder who the other person is going to be. Love has all the answers.

© Rana M All Rights Reserved


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