We cannot expect ” love” from the ones we love. Sometimes we just love to please ourselves knowing that nothing would be in return.

They call it fate perhaps. There is always one side of the story you hear when the other end is quite. Love does not find people, people find love. It is ironic though what people chose to get out of that sentiment.

It is all about understanding behaviors and choices that lead to wonderful stories or passionate theories but whatever the outcome someone may or may not wish to receive ” Love ” finds its way to pass through, touching our souls at lonely nights where we speak to stars about the beauty of this universe and more than that where we discuss our problems with the shiny moon.

© Rana M All Rights Reserved


10 thoughts

  1. Why is it that the moon appears larger than normal? Why is the feeling compared to warmth of moon?

    It is true that love touches every human… some stone-hearted and egoistic humans remain in constant denial whereas a few selected embrace it… they are not puzzled by its mysteries rather they burn to become ashes not complaining to love at all… a killer and a beautifully perfect emotion/sentiment

    Lucky are those who find love that sorrounds them and reap every opportunity they find

    Love …. love … warmth from the past is felt even now


      1. It is always good to know if someone reads your work and admires it. It is inspiring and motivational to me. I never met a real poet in real life. People have strange interests in this modern world today and you hardly find people who respect art and passion. Whatever I write , I write it from heart purely what I feel.


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