Burning Hearts

  The pretty red dress, or those shiny heels Corner of that blouse or the dicey hair curls The purple strings of pure silk underneath Dives in and out the silver linings to breath Ravishing as you decide to wear no details That is when the desire of passion prevails Adamantly fascinated, thy silky smooth …

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Steal Me

  Steal me from me, You had the chance My innocent heart knew no imperfections Cried out rivers in the rain of sorrows My bright eyes had dreams of perceptions Gazing at my little world of endless dreams Perpetual in the art of love by all perfections Treasures as promises, prone to fortunes Spinning emotions …

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Loop of Shadows

  Everlasting emotions residing in my dreams Swindled and perplexed by loop of shadows   Every bit of life, I might possess in my soul Exaggerated my passion by the rainbows   The rain drops somehow dodgy but fussy Cooch dance by breeze that blends & blows   The frantic yet romantic library of thoughts …

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Dodging Hearts

Dodging Hearts

Oceans in her eyes begin to rise Dodging hearts to stay naked  Stupid logic for repeated kisses Melting lips smudged and tasted  Each moan in colors of passion Aroused each emotion inflated Not enough it ever had been Explained,treated or translated Written by Rana M © 2005-2018 Rana M  All Rights Reserved