Sinking emotions into the deepest depth of passion Turning desires into delights in a conceptual fashion Indeed the quality of love is inevitably borderless Incredibly powerful and extraordinarily fearless The warmth of her lips is melting down my emotions Seducing my heart uplifting my romantic notions The enticing friction of the surface of her skin …

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Silver spoons turn right from left Gold bars restrained out of theft Corner of the lake just turned blue Rising rainbows just walked through Stubborn by the spells in the dark City lights hardly agreed to spark When it’s all bright from head to toe She’s always something more to show The power of her …

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Mad in love?

Undoubtedly the utmost curiosity of a lover has a significant follow through in the eyes of the beloved. No dream in love has been even considered colorful without the presence of beauty. And no wonder has been discovered without the touch of romance. The audacity of the depth of this sentiment has channeled feelings and …

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Rolling Stones

Castles in my dreams, burnt alive in the mad max Velvet roses beyond reach since the agony arrived Extinctions of desires on the pavement of destiny Had just extinguished every emotion that survived Fury in my love only have stipulated pure passion Pain deteriorated in my heart, had covertly thrived Sweet sorrows under shadows of …

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Bundle of Beauty

To my imaginary girlfriend     All the perfume of nature, in a bundle of beauty Essence of her delight flavors sweet and fruity Standing tall, her body a sculpture from heaven Smooth and soft attributes, pure form of perfection Divine sentiments to be praised, significantly worthy The wide oceans in her eyes to be …

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Sweet Love

Sweet Love

Sweet Love  Written by Rana M    Tonight with the singing trees on the long drive You were discussed in colors of love patterns Seemingly attached to the melodious remedies You plunge into my heart uplifting my emotions The road to passion leads to algorithm of delights Passionate thrills followed by true personifications You live …

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The cutest hands ever, gripped my fingers firmly Sharp eyes gazed me for hours, replicating memories Breeze covered in her giggles, my dear darling daughter Her charming voice mesmerizes my world of frenzies Walking through passages of my scattered dreams She draws sketches of affection to perpetual emotions Speaks to me in a unique language …

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Who’s in love?

Of course everybody is in love or not? a rhetorical question never have been answered accurately by anyone. A million definitions of the word has manipulated the capacity of brain to dodge inflation of periodical changes in life as far as we grow old and experience the changes we go through. Yet everyone's in love …

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Eyes of the Princess

If unfolded they could blow a storm those enormously fabulous eyes The inexpressible living beauty vital roses with blinking daisies Smooth, flawless & vigilant they’re just perfect pieces moving freely on soft cheeks yet another universe to explore Dazzling diamonds on her face cherry candy lips with a smile The eyebrows who kiss them daily …

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The Future Love

The Future Love

  Stretch this pain beneath my skin a little longer The pores are still open pertaining a wild west Laments across my soul fighting demons alone If it pleases you break my heart, do your best   The future perhaps unrevealed to lonely souls Vicious demeanors compelling dreams to fall Beautiful monsters now carrying horns …

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