The cutest hands ever, gripped my fingers firmly Sharp eyes gazed me for hours, replicating memories Breeze covered in her giggles, my dear darling daughter Her charming voice mesmerizes my world of frenzies Walking through passages of my scattered dreams She draws sketches of affection to perpetual emotions Speaks to me in a unique language …

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Eyes of the Princess

If unfolded they could blow a storm those enormously fabulous eyes The inexpressible living beauty vital roses with blinking daisies Smooth, flawless & vigilant they’re just perfect pieces moving freely on soft cheeks yet another universe to explore Dazzling diamonds on her face cherry candy lips with a smile The eyebrows who kiss them daily …

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The Future Love

The Future Love

  Stretch this pain beneath my skin a little longer The pores are still open pertaining a wild west Laments across my soul fighting demons alone If it pleases you break my heart, do your best   The future perhaps unrevealed to lonely souls Vicious demeanors compelling dreams to fall Beautiful monsters now carrying horns …

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Part of me

Part of Me

  Died in cold blood , my dreams ! Part of me had lived many lives Enchanted wishes that broken bad Horrific stories in those archives Heart had never gotten ever free From the lava of pain's beehives Deemed notions cry of sorrows For every emotion that thrives Moments I feel her inside me I …

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  Tears from my eyes beware before you fall The brutal air might sanction to burn you all Above and beyond this cruel world so small Trusted shelters are shadows from the wall twisted memories are just ceased to recall Broken & shattered even worst could befall No place else for my emotions to stand …

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Deracinating love from the core of my heart The roots of passion are mushy-headed I'm a lover by nature,a paragon inside out So dwell into my dreams, Stay splendid My heart exceedingly adorned with your love Stimulating desires to be on top of the game My eyes visualize your beauty from dusk till dawn You're …

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The Purple Kiss

The Purple Kiss Written by Rana M   Sunshine running through golden gates Turning glorious melodies into madness Her juicy lips locked into triangle of love Yielding of her skin traveled from above Stunning stories gleam to glorify souls Stealing mysteries to what she controls Smooth skin spreading around like jelly Smacking rhythm divine down …

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Burning Hearts

  The pretty red dress, or those shiny heels Corner of that blouse or the dicey hair curls The purple strings of pure silk underneath Dives in and out the silver linings to breath Ravishing as you decide to wear no details That is when the desire of passion prevails Adamantly fascinated, thy silky smooth …

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